Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Avoid Kid Melt-Down

The Happiest Place on Earth is one of my favourite places. But it’s also a place where parenting is more important than ever. Why? Because even though everyone acts like they aren’t watching your parenting skills, they are.

Having children at Disneyland can be stressful for parents who aren’t adept at anticipating their child’s needs. You know, the basics: clean, full, happy, energetic or the way we see them: dirty, hungry, crying & mid-tantrum on the way to crash.

Parent anticipation is lost if the parent is too focused on their iPhone or conversation with other adults. Granted you want to have fun too. But it’s not fun for anyone if your child isn’t having fun, that's why you're there.

For Example: If a child doesn’t want to go on a ride like the Haunted Mansion, don’t make them, don’t talk them into it. A crying child doesn’t enhance the ride experience for anyone, trust me.

Remember Disneyland really is for the kids; your kids and the kid in you. Be aware of their needs before it’s too late. Are they hungry? Are they clean? Are they doing age-appropriate rides? Then everyone in your group and everyone around you will have a better time!

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