Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ode to An Understanding Husband

Where oh where are you going to be?
Depends on the time she said to he

From seven til eight we get ready to go
Eight til nine we go with the flow

Organize, Interview, Imagine, Produce
Correct, Revise, Emend, Reduce

Defend, Allow, Yield, and Bend
Critique, Rebuff, and Do It Again

Go the store it’s food that we need
Then back for the kids: three of your seed

Drop off the laundry, Drop off the mail
Pick up the dog, wagging his tail

Wave to the neighbors, Smile at the cop
I just ran a light! I’m too rushed to stop

On to a meeting, then off for dessert
With clients, then friends, my feet start to hurt

Rush through the door, I’m late once again
Notes flying around as I slump at the end

In my chair with cup of the hottest cocoa
New stories spring forth and thoughts start to grow

Oh he said kindly, I’ll see you tonight
I know how it is when you’re wanting to write

I’ll get the groceries, the kids and the dog
You sit and create because that’s your job.


Martha Giffen said...

Not only did I like it, but just read it out loud to my husband! Good one!

Mysti Reutlinger said...

This is beautiful and so true! I, like Martha, have had to share with my own husband.

Kate OMara said...

Hi Martha & Mysti ~ I am so glad you enjoyed it and shared with your husbands! We have some special guys in our lives! :)