Thursday, December 29, 2011

Medusa: the Gorgon

Medusa the Gorgon is typically accepted as one of three daughter of the god Phorcys and Keto. The three sisters were considered immortal. With beauty beyond comparison, the three sisters were cursed by the jealousy of others.

Known for her fabulous beauty, Medusa received the wrath-filled transformation from Athena who cursed her after Poseidon copulated with her in the temple of Athena. Some stories speak of Poseidon’s affection gone bad: some say he was obsessed, some say to the point of rape. No matter what the story, Athena felt disrespected by the couple and took out her anger on Medusa.

Snakes replaced Medusa’s beautiful hair, her eyes and facial features became serpentine, as well as her lower body transforming into a serpents tail. Still many of her attributes were venerable. Ancient Greeks placed engraved gorgons on doors and shields for protection and as a symbol of fertility.

The gorgon lived just outside the entrance to the Underworld. To meet them was to tempt doom. Equal with the danger was the healing powers of Gorgon blood. To sprinkle blood taken from the right side of a Gorgon could bring the dead back to life.

Medusa was thought to be immortal until the battle with Perseus. Perseus armed with Herme’s sythe and Athena’s shield beheaded Medusa. Pegasus and Chrysaor, her sons by Poseidon, were born from her blood.

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