Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yummy, Sun Butter!

Sun Butter

Sunflowers like other weeds that yield food have a history of bring esthetic value to an otherwise dreary area. The sunflower has the habit of turning up in unusual places, sometimes unwanted but often to the delight of children and Nature’s admirers.

The Sunflower is native to the Americas, there is archeological evidence of Sunflower use dating to 2600B.C. It did not traveling to Europe until the 16th Century where it became immensely popular in the 18th Century.

As an annual, the sunflower grows best in moist fertile soil with heavy mulch. It grows best in full sun. Traditional gardens grow sunflowers within the combination of beans, corn , squash and sunflowers.

As a food, the sunflower seed is processed, roasted and salted. A favorite food in Germany, sunflower seeds are made into Sun Butter, similar to peanut butter. The seeds are a good source of protein.

Notes about Sunflowers:
In the US, Kansas is the sunflower state.
One of Van Gogh’s most recognizable paintings is Sunflowers.

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Samantha Blackwell said...

Mmm, I needed some of that Sun Botter on Monday.