Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GMC Died for Me

From time to time, life gives us curve balls. In my case, the curve was on a mountain road and the ball was a Jeep sliding out of control across the center divider and into the front end of my truck.

I could tell you the story of the ride to the hospital. I could tell you the story of the real cost of uninsured motorists. But I choose to tell you the story of the truck.

Selecting the GMC truck off the lot was an exciting day. The detail guys just finished vacuuming the carpet; the truck would never again be quite as pristine. The commitment to the payment was a biggy, even though this story pre-dates the early 21st century Depression-era.

The GMC transported my family, got me to work, and toted the groceries, dogs & supplies. Gas milage was as expected and the overall cost of maintenance was within budget. Of course, the price gas was in the $1.50 - $2.00 range. The CPA and I agreed, this was a good purchase. With a stroke of luck and lots of hard work, the truck fell into the asset column.

Until that fateful day, I hadn’t given much thought to the safety features. Until that day, I hadn’t thought about what a downward moving Jeep could do to my Sierra pick-up. Until that day, I hadn’t thought about the auto designers & engineers. Until that day, I hadn’t thought of how government safety regulations might save my life. I had only thought I drove a pretty truck.

My pretty GMC truck gave its life that day to save mine. I’m grateful.

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