Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Food Chemicals, Hyperactivity & Illness

A continuing study released findings that children’s behavior problems may be linked to or exacerbated by food dyes and other unnecessary ingredients in their food.

Any mother worth her stuff knows what foods work well and what foods send her children into crying fits, climbing mania or complete melt-down. It’s easy to blame sugar and for some kids that is the cause. But a recent release of a continuing study lists other food additives as the primary culprits.

Colours – Yellow 5 has been directly linked to hyperactivity in children with food sensitivities.

Other colour dyes approved by the FDA were linked to ailments within laboratory studies using lab mammals: Blue 2 led to brain cancer; Green 3 led to bladder and testes tumors; Red 3 led to thyroid tumors.

MSG can cause headaches, wheezing, and nausea among other symptoms. Research in the 1960s showed MSG destroyed nerve brain cells.

Olestra or Olean found in some Fat Free products is a synthetic fat that is not absorbed in the digestive system. In regular language, it causes diarrhea abdominal cramps and flatulence. If you have suffered these symptoms after eating a product with Olean you can file a report on the Center for Science in the Public Interest website:

Many of the ingredients on the sides of packages are completely unpronounceable. I usually wonder, what does that do to the food? Then I’m distracted by my child’s urgent need for something. Besides, where would I get the information about all the words I can’t pronounce and still ingest? The quick list is available in a listing called Chemical Cuisine.

For more information about the foods we eat everyday visit the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a non-profit which is celebrating 40 years of public service.

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