Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mustn't Be Rude

Favorite quotes can offer a lovely way to address issues as they come up in life. In the 1998 movie, Merlin Morgan le Fey tells the young Mordred: ‘You mustn’t be rude. To be rude, is to be weak.’

As witness to rude people on a daily basis, it’s important to remember that cultured people are never rude to peers. Within the realm of committee meetings helpful structure has been handed down to create not only a fluid transcript of the proceedings but to focus creating the most productive time possible. The framework is Parliamentary Procedure.

Properly used there is no need to shout or talk over anyone. Everyone gets their say. Everyone is acknowledged, discussion is constructive, not repetitive and the group conscious makes the decisions after all points have been stated. The beauty of parliamentary procedure is, when followed, the harshest enemies can work together to resolve issues great or small.

If you abhor rudeness, it behooves you to learn Parliamentary Procedure.

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