Monday, January 10, 2011

Equitable Pirates

Bartholomew Roberts started his career as a seaman with no hope of moving up in responsibility or pay. When the opportunity to become a pirate and a leader presented itself he took it.

An interesting fact about pirates of the Golden Age was that many were literate and wrote codes for the crew. The straightforward honest nature of these scoundrels offers a fascinating look into a code of honor long past.

A seaman wishing to join the crew was provided with the code to which he would agree to abide. Once an agreement was made the pay scale was equitable for the level responsibility, risk and effort. There was room to move up through hard work.

The captain acknowledged that he amounted to nothing by himself therefore he rewarded his crew appropriately, equitably, fairly. While the gains were ill-gotten, the split was fair.

Captain receives 2 shares, Quartermaster receives 2 shares, Master, Boatswain, Gunner receives 1.5 shares and Seamen receive 1 share.

Remarkable consideration in an age gone by…

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