Thursday, October 14, 2010

Queen Elizabeth II is like Scrooge

Like many people around the World, I love watching the British Royalty. But I have to say, the Queen has forgotten herself, her position and her people. Canceling Christmas is a villainous thing to do. In movies we see Sheriff John (Robin Hood) canceling Christmas. In Literature, Dickens has Mr. Scrooge canceling Christmas, well, the Christmas party for her staff anyway.

The position of the upper class is to employ as many people as possible to move the money of the country around in a way that circulates and encourages a better economy. It is not in anyone's interest to act as a bump or villain, by stating the obvious, the economy sucks and depressing your personal staff even further by Canceling their Christmas Party.

I don’t think the Queen remembers the promise she made when she took the throne to be a good guiding force for her people. She’s off track and we’d all like to see the Queen set an example for the upper class to get the world economy back on track.

Knuckling to depression and pretending that she and her echelon aren’t responsible for the recovery is absurd, unless of course, they really want to join us in the trenches, then by all means Cancel Christmas.

The World and certainly Britons would like to see a really big party, with the hiring of plenty of extra help to give more people a better Christmas.

Honestly Madam, don’t be a Scrooge!

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