Saturday, October 9, 2010

Book Review: 27 Powers of Persuasion

27 Powers of Persuasion is a easy and quick read. If you’re looking to do better with work relationships or people in general this is a must read.

Bringing people together to find a consensus, to lead the group in a way they will participate to make a better project and happily agree with your desired direction. All the step by steps to lead people happily by persuading them to see your vision, your goal and make those visions their visions, their goals.

27 Powers of Persuasion is a great how-to book for grass roots involvement or to make a department or company super productive. It’s the best advice to make cohesion within an organization.

Contents: Focus on the goal, Evaluate Egos, Soothe or sidestep other egos, Manage opposition by giving it nothing to oppose, Make your weakness your strength, Find one thing to like about everyone in the room, Use the first five minutes to make people feel safe, Stay in the present, Recognize the reality, Make it about choice fairness and accountability, Keep it simple, Own the language, Use emotional language, Make sure everyone’s invested, Get third-party validation, Arm your advocates, Aim for the undecideds, Avoid absolutes and hypotheticals, Learn how to use silence, Get physical, Don’t say no, say let’s try this, Release bad news quickly and good news slowly, Challenge bad ideas by challenging the details, Play devil’s advocate, Don’t change, Adapt, and Be your own pundit.

Since college, this is the most highlighted book on my shelf. Sales people, managers and leaders should all take notes from Chris St. Hilaire who has brought together all the persuasive philosophies in one place.

Title: 27 Powers of Persuasion: Simple Strategies to Win Allies and Seduce Audiences
Author: Chris St. Hilaire
Genre: Business/Self Help
ISBN: 978-0735204515
Publication Date: September 2010
Pages: 288
Price: $25.00
Publisher: Perigee Books/Prentice Hall Press Penguin Group


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