Saturday, April 10, 2010

Stop & Smell the Flowers

Great wisdom can be found in a hectic life, if only we take the moment to become aware of our environment, to look for the good and to follow our bliss.

Bliss comes in large and small packages. With progress on the road of life, we hope that we have more moments of awareness, less chaos. Often it is right in front of us, we need only look for it.

In the midst of big change: change location, change work, change, change, change… at a moment of utter craze I stopped to watch Merlin, my dog, explore his new environment.

Merlin felt the warm concrete under his paws, a new sensation. He stepped out onto the lawn. He walked over to the flower bed in full spring bloom with flowers he’d never experienced before… he sniffed this one, that one… looked up at the sky… sniffed that one, this one, stuck his nose in a particularly low hanging rose, laid next to it and took a nap.

Life is good when we take time to smell the roses.


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Sheila Siler said...

Well put! Thanks for the reminder.

Ginger B. (Barbara) Collins said...

Kate, these are words of wisdom and the spring season makes them even more tangible. I'm spending the week on the road, visiting my daughter, then a few friends, and ending up here in Sparta, NC, where we're building our retirement home. Yesterday I walked with the hub down to the little pond on our property. The temperature was just right, the tadpoles were wiggling around in the shallows, and birds were busy gathering nest-making materials. We had a list of projects waiting for us, but decided to spend the afternoon soaking up our new surroundings instead. It was time very well spent.

Here's to the benefits of time with nature!
Ginger B.

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