Saturday, April 17, 2010

2010 Summer Fashion Trends

The theme for Summer 2010 is update, update, update. Thankfully budgets need not be broken. Working with the summer standards from last year, like the little white dress, this season’s wardrobe can be updated with key pieces. Be Bold. Be Bright. Be Floral.

From Head to Toe

Large hats are IN this season. Shade your delicate skin, keeping skin smooth and lovely with this season most essential accessory. No floppy brim is too big.

Update day wear with a cute romper of light weight fabric with a large flower print or select a solid creamy pastel color if you wish to accessorize. Look for large flower prints on blouses and small bold prints on shorts and pants.

Going out at night? Summer 2010 is all about an asymmetrical neckline dress, much like what we saw Katherine Heigl or mom-to-be Cate Blanchett wear at the Oscars. Another selection is the dress with flowing sheer fabric featuring a rose print to create a feminine look that brings the romantic side out in everyone.

Compliment every 2010 Summer outfit with strappy sandals, heels or flats, that make feet feel pretty and cool.

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Sheila Siler said...

I'm glad "pretty" is in this summer!