Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wise Women in the Kitchen

Some of the best memories of childhood often center in the kitchen. Ask people about the things that made their childhood good, it usually includes yummy food from the kitchen given with love by a parent or grandparent who served the favorite food. Taste, Smell, Touch Sight and Sound these are the hallmarks that bring tears to the eyes of the old people when they recall their own family, their own childhood.

The wise women of today, often overlooked by contemporary culture quietly continue the tradition of kitchen memories; giving to their children and grandchildren old or new versions of family recipes. These are the things from which our souls and our bodies gain strength.

To create a family tradition and sensory experience children will take with them through life, you must rotate enjoyment of favored foods sprinkled with love and smiles.

Make a list of recipes you enjoy cooking. Make a list of recipes your family loves to eat.

Survey the lists: How many recipes on the list are for every day meals? Do you keep these ingredients on hand? How many recipes are for special occasions? How often do you prepare these recipes?

One of the points of wisdom grandmother so cleverly included in family traditions was the variety of meals that offered an array of foods over the course of the week, month and year. Many meals were prepared from similar ingredients but changed in taste and texture by the side dishes or the spices.

Traditional meals don't just happen. There is a plan, maybe grandmother didn't share the plan with you but if you smell a certain dish and think holiday or Sunday afternoon, I guarantee that your grandmother had a plan.

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