Saturday, September 26, 2009

When Your Soul Cries

There are times in life when a soul cries out. Sometimes it cries for sadness or regret, other times it cries out because it’s time to do something.

It may be a photo or a name that triggers something deep within, then a thing or an action just has to be done. For some people it’s not very strong, not very loud and those things or actions are not done, they are past over. In old age, these people cry tears for the loss of what might have been. They are old and regret. They are identified by the verbal wondering about self but the lack of action and the dodge of responsibility even when they stand at death’s door. But for those who listen to the stirring of the soul, a great wonder is the reward for following the yearning created from the depths of self.

Little is it realized when a mother looses a child that the rest of her children become dearer to her. Little is it realized that when a child looses a parent that the other family members become more important but that the vulnerability of acknowledging or accepting the new and diminished situation creates a space for inequity. Little is it realized that surviving trauma makes a soul stronger, a voice unique and force with which to be reckoned.

It is all the traumas, big and small that properly handled create empathy and compassion. Compassion as an understanding without words, peace within a heart, a broken heart made whole, not by repair necessarily but by understanding and acceptance that things done cannot be changed.

When your soul cries, seize the moment, appreciate the direction from the inner self, the conscience, do what can be done to listen to and act accordingly. Amazing things happen.

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