Sunday, June 21, 2009


The data was in back in the 1970s, maybe earlier. Change required for survival. Immediate change. Radical change. Red Alert! The Lorax told the children. Walter Cronkite told the World. Things must change.
At the time, the scientists were confident that things hadn’t gone too far, but we needed to start the 1980s with different sources of energy.
Here we stand now, 30 years later and still our power comes from death. Our transportation powered by death. Our lights energy produced from death. Our society based on and fashioned by way of death. Death is the impetus of coal. Death is the essence of oil turned to gasoline. Death brought from the ground where it belongs, where it should stay. Twisting death back to life in our world has put us all in impending peril. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of death brought to the surface of our Mother Earth has polluted the air, the water, polluted all that brings life. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of weight turned from solid to liquid to gas in the matter of a short period of time. The change in the weight distribution has caused serious changes to the planet, we all call home.
Mother Earth who brings forth life is serious ill. Can’t you see the change? Can’t you feel the change? The vibration from our Mother who gives us life is different. The sun on our skin is different. The weather is different. The animals act differently. Everything is different.
How has the planet changed? Has her shape changed? Has the axis changed? Has the orbit changed?
At present it seems that those steering the World destiny are not in touch with the most basic connection. Those that have eyes that see, those that have ears that hear are marginalized, pushed aside instead of allowed to do good things, make good decisions for the Greater Good.
My generation, coming of age, learning to drive at the time of the perilous announcements by the Eco-Movement of the 1970s, we’re okay with returning to walking, or horses, if that be the case. We were also excited about the idea of all energy coming from the Earth’s energy, water, air, gravity. Clean the air, clean the water. Return to Eden was the phrase used regularly by my peers. Now, middle-aged we have yet to be heard, or even considered. The massive generation, the largest ever born, even more than the baby-boom, whose presence was given to smooth the change has been pushed to obscurity, seemingly unheard, but certainly unheeded.

Our Mother weeps for the children that kill her, for they too shall die. Remember the Lorax, he speaks for the trees and the bees and all of these. We say Please and hope that it’s not too late.

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