Saturday, March 28, 2009


The experience of having business with an ethical company that truly puts the customer first is so rare, but so pleasing, gushing on them just isn't enough. Shop

The story began with my 17-year-old wanting to upgrade the xbox for online game play. Reluctantly, I agreed that he could shop online & find his Nirvana machine. Our super tight budget this year, made this purchase more than Christmas for him.

So the box arrived, the features most used & features learned, it seemed fine for about 60 days or so. But then a problem surfaced. One feature didn't work. Updates and online service was consulted. In the end, the box needed to be returned.

Universal Mania was so nice about it. The arranged for UPS pick up for one box, a FEDEX label for another box and a new xbox arrived in a few days.

The new box arrived and within a short time, the same feature was discovered to be missing.

Universal Mania swapped again.

The new box arrived and within hours, the same feature was discovered to be non-functional. Again, consulting online help, because we really wanted to keep this xbox. The company had been so nice, I felt horrible emailing yet again.

It was the supplier that was responsible for the condition of the xbox, but Universal Mania were so accommodating and kind. They have discontinued business with the faulty supplier.

They were so nice about refunding the money, I will shop with them for any electronics we may want.

I want everyone to buy something from them. Support a good company that stands behind their products.


Since they no longer offer xbox, my gamer is looking for that elsewhere, but has his eye on a Universal Mania GPS when he gets his own car.

Thanks Kurt for everything. You've been more than wonderful!

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