Thursday, December 4, 2008


All the ingredients for a good movie... story line, good actors, appropriate locations and a bit of unreality.

The romantic story about a teen girl who moves in with her father, after her mother's remarriage. Bella falls head over heels in crush with a dishy teen-looking vampire who's been in high school for 90 years.

Suspend reality and the premise is amusing.

The vampire on an animal blood, rather than human blood diet likens himself and his companions to vegetarians. Of course, Bella orders a Garden Burger at the diner. So the two relate...

While sitting in the movie theatre with an ample number of teens. I'm pleased to note that there are as many romantic young men as women, giving me hope for the future.

Their parents, however, are busy stressing that this may not be a good movie because kids like it, which is more a comment on the parent than the teens.
One woman said she was worried her kids will want to be vampires... P-please...

It seems that most teenagers that watch a romantic vampire movies don't turn into vampires but may end up with romantic tendencies...

Of movies in the last decade... this one rates in the 90s.... very enjoyable, paced well, good characters, good story... looking forward to the sequel.

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The Dragovich 5 said...

You got my interested perked! Kate seeing 'Twlight' and with her kids?

I have read the book but haven't seen the movie because it is rated PG13. The standards for PG13 movies used to be standards for R movies.