Sunday, December 21, 2008

Review: Affectionately Yours, Screwtape

Probably best enjoyed after reading C.S. Lewis’ book, Screwtape Letters, this DVD Affectionately Yours, Screwtape: The Devil and C.S. Lewis may be viewed as a 5 part study guide or as a documentary.

Discussions on the DVD include such difficult and theological questions as good and evil, or good versus evil, and how free will is given to each person. Of course, the reference point is the Screwtape Letters and Lewis’ perspective on the World.

CS Lewis, a most beloved author wrestles with the temptation dilemma and all the ways perhaps a devil might try to engage and command an individual into sin. Initial presuppositions include who is Satan through the Bible and other historical texts and art, as well as how demons might be arranged in a hierarchy not unlike today’s corporations. The letters from a higher demon to his demon nephew/employee are revealing in the subtle ways in which temptation bombards the unaware and how even a good person may succumb to sin in minute increments.

Everyday spiritual battles are the essence of the Screwtape Letters as is the question for everyone who wishes to guard their soul from sin’s temptations.

Screwtape Letters is among my all time favorite books. I read the C.S. Lewis book for the first time about twenty years ago. Before reviewing this DVD, I revisited the experience before watching this DVD. The DVD revealed some of the author’s personal history, of which I was previously unaware. This information gave greater depth to the book and Lewis’ perspective and intentions for the Screwtape Letters. The DVD is thoroughly enjoyable, easy to watch and may be used as a study guide or as a documentary. I would highly recommend reading the book first so that one may understand all the references in the DVD.

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