Friday, April 18, 2008

Watch a Movie...Again

Admittedly, I enjoy a good movie. I enjoy better, a great movie. Because I enjoy the good and the great, I find myself revisiting movies that I’ve watched once, twice, or a dozen times before. This is simply because I won’t watch a bad movie. Sure, I’ve started some bad movies, but I just can’t finish them.

As a result, I’ve collected what some might call, a large collection of movies. Happily, most are movies I can enjoy over again.

Last night, I watched an oldie and a goodie: Sense & Sensibility. Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed Alan Rickman’s performance as the Colonel. Emma Thompson was fabulous as always. Hugh Grant was Hugh Grant, but I like him, so that’s okay.

I especially like period movies with all the costumes and the charm of by-gone-times. Once upon a time, I thought myself a romantic but reality makes it difficult to live there. So I’ve come to accept that movies provide an escape from the mundane 21st century, just as they had in the 20th.

If you find life getting to be a bit much… escape into a favorite movie…

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Catherine said...

All right. What's wrong with Hugh Grant? I like him. :-)