Thursday, April 3, 2008

Are they serious?

A deeply disturbing article appeared in newspaper this morning. Disturbing, in that I can’t believe there are people still arguing this question.

The case: A 32 year-old man strangled his girlfriend and her children, aged 2 and 4 in December 2006.

March 2008, the prosecutor asked the man to describe how he strangled them. The man gave great detail and the trial reporter told us the murderer described how 4 year old boy squirmed he recreated the sounds of the boy’s struggle, gurgle and dying breath. He went on to explain how he started to cook the body for a while in the oven before putting it in the bathtub because it was burning. This made the people in the gallery gasp, turn away and even cry.

The murderer admitted he knew it was wrong. He said he deserved to die for this crime.

Apparently, there are people that don’t agree.

Some experts for the defense argue that the man who has a Special Education High School diploma doesn’t understand because his IQ is 63, several points below the line that labels a person retarded. And yet, he’s been gainfully employed for 14 years. Some experts say he held that job because a family member was in management and that he wouldn’t have kept the job, if it hadn’t been for that family connection.

So what is the regular tax paying citizen suppose to get from all this, besides the bill for feeding, housing and defending this murderous piece of flesh? Once an expert reaches a certain level of education, does all reason and morality oozes completely out of their brains? Does anyone question the family member in the management of a company that had this guy employed? The company owners should question the company management hiring and keeping retarded people unable of being responsible for their actions on the payroll, shouldn’t they?

The jury who listened to the case, found this man guilty of murder. The murderer admitted that he killed 3 people, his girlfriend and her two children. He states that he understands it was wrong and he believes he should die for the crime. The society at large represented by the prosecutor wants this man punished to the full extent of the law.

Why is there a problem?

What does all this say about our society? In a time when 2 working parents average 3 jobs while juggling the kids, smart people with degrees are unemployed, healthy people can’t maintain employment, hard working law abiding people end up homeless…we have a murdering retarded man being coddled with employment and treated so well he passes for a regular guy… then murders his girlfriend and two preschoolers and cooks one… this guy gets valuable resources thrown at him from his Special Education that costs more than a regular child in school, to a job that is saved by a family member leaving someone who needs a job unemployed, to the grand expense of a defense attorney and experts in a murder trial. After being found guilty by the jury from his community, experts want to give him more resources keep him alive and in an education program because he just couldn’t understand the consequence of his actions.

Are they serious?

If a dog were to kill someone, the department of animal control would put it down.

Clearly, this murderer deserves and agrees with the death penalty.

Experts need to stop hanging the taxpayers out to dry by throwing good money at bad. Put resources where it can do some good and clear out the dead weight that dragging everyone down.

If the experts find redeeming qualities in this murderer let them pay the bills for his food, the bills for clothes, the bills for housing, the bills for guards, the bills for attorneys and oh yeah… the bills for the expert witnesses too.

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