Sunday, May 17, 2015

Creating a Better Team or How to Make Cheesecake

Many hands make for light work as the elders used to say and they were right. The more people involved in a project, the faster it goes and the better it can turn out. 

This weekend we baked cheesecake. There were three of us. The boss read the directions. The cook placed all the items in logical order and helped the apprentice learn by doing.

  • Shopping – we picked up the ingredients that we didn’t already have available.
  • Crust – Following the directions for a graham cracker crust, the crumbs were made the butter softened, and we mixed, mixed, mixed.
  • Pie Crust – Pushing the mix into the pie pan and up the side of the pan required a light touch and patience.
  • Filling – Placing all the ingredients into the blender, mix on high then voila.
  • Baking – 350 for nearly an hour, until it’s not jiggly. 

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