Friday, November 21, 2014

The Choice of Lies

Periodically, a person comes across my path who seems to have no grasp of the truth. No truth for their work. No truth for themselves. No true in their lives. Recently, the opportunity came up to watch the fill cycle of the lie.

In the beginning, there was small talk, an exchange of experiences and information. The realization came that some of the information wasn't correct. But we all make mistakes, right?

The once told stories were told again but were different. Details were rearranged. Details were added. The whole of the story changed. Wait, how could you be in two different places at once?

Eventually, conversation was limited to necessary information exchange. After some bad computations with the wrong information, it became better to gather all the information without a query.

Several months passed.... someone mentioned that she & me didn't really talk any more. Really? All that I'd done is stop listening to the lies. She stopped talking.

When she announced her departure, I wished her well. I do hope that she finds some truth.

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