Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Coffee bean... coffee bean...
where oh where has coffee been?

The children's rhyme launches a brief history of America's breakfast beverage.

Coffee has been the rise and shine drink since the 15th century. The Muslim tradition conflicted with the Christian church so coffee was banned for a period. By the 17th century, Christians had resumed drinking coffee with coffee house popping up in college towns competing with pubs for young minds and lively conversation.

The British East India Company transported coffee to England in the 17th century. The brew became quite popular. In America, tea and alcoholic beverages were more popular than coffee  until the British cut off the tea supply. America developed a taste for coffee during the Revolutionary period that has survived through the centuries.

Today, coffee wakes us up, suppresses appetite and provides a large portion of the exports in 12 countries. The top five coffee producing countries are Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Columbia, and Ethiopia. 

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