Monday, September 22, 2014


One of the most influential composers in history, Ludwig van Beethoven left us 32 piano sonatas. 

Piano sonatas are written for piano only. The romantic songs include the  Fur Elsie, Funeral March, Moonlight, Tempist and the Hunt

Beethoven's list of works were numbered. The sonatas are also given dull titles: Piano Sonata 1 in F minor, 2 in A major, 3 in C major, 4 in E-flat major, 4 in C minor, 6 in F major, 7 in D major, 8 in C minor, 9 in E major, 10 in G major, 11 in B-flat major, 12 in A-flat major, 13 in E-flat major, 15 in D major, 16 in G major, 17 in D minor, 18 in E-flat major, 19 in G major, 20 in G major, 21 in C major, 22 in F major, 23 in F minor, 24 in F-sharp major, 25 in G major, 26 in E-flat major, 27 in E minor, 28 in A major, 29 in B-flat major, 30 in E major, 31 in A-flat major, and 32 in C minor. 

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