Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Back Story

Demonstrated by the flood of movies providing excuses for villains, the collective subconscious seeks to justify the bad decisions and resulting bad circumstances we find ourselves in today. After all, if the same back story would have happened to you, you'd be bad too.

In past generations, the outcry from the clerics would tell the populous that their circumstances were the result of situations which could be changed by directing their energies toward higher goals, better achievement and a little bit more in the collection plate. Monumental changes in society started from the pulpit includes abolition of slavery and women's voting rights.

Today's pulpit, the TV has created a new class of cleric: the talking heads. The heads get together to spout the most base philosophy, me-ism. Me-ism obviously works for the heads but does little to improve the status of our society. Rather than strive to improve self, family, country, they recommend status-quo and understanding of the bad guy who make bad decisions that we all live with today.


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Tony Laplume said...

I disagree that this story archetype is about sympathy for the bad guy. Maleficent, Frozen, and their predecessor Wicked are about changing the label entirely, discovering that you don't need to label someone who has made bad choices a bad guy after all. I think a little better understanding of a person helps all of us, so that even if we're in an imperfect world now, we can nudge ourselves forward a few more inches with these acts of empathy.