Sunday, July 20, 2014

Where's Fluffy??

For many people, a pet is a member of the family. So a missing pet can feel like a missing person.

Like missing people, the likelihood of finding your pet is best in the first 72 hours. Taking a few steps can increase your chances of your pet returning home safe.

  1. Report your missing animal
  2. Let your friends and neighbors know
  3. Post flyers

Report you missing animal to the authorities. Depending upon your local government you may need to call the local police, the sheriff or the animal shelter.
When you call, have your pet information sheet ready to answer questions about your pet. If they ask you to email the information, place the information in the body of the email as well as attaching the document.

Pet Information Sheet

The best pet information sheet includes the following: Your name and contact information at the top. Your pet’s information:  breed, height, weight, special marks, fur length, type of coat, length of tail, birth date, and possible aggressiveness toward people or other animals.

Pet Photographs

Three pet photographs that every pet owner should have:
  • a portrait of your pet
  • a full body pose of your pet
  • a photo of you with your pet

Let your friends and neighbors know that your pet is missing.

Pets can end up in a neighbor’s yard or running somewhere in the neighborhood. Letting the people living closest to you know about your pet is the best way to look in a hundred places right away. Calling a few helpful friends who will call other neighbors for you is particularly helpful.

Post flyers

Missing pet flyers should include a picture of your pet, description and your contact information. If there have been sightings, include the last place your pet was seen. Print 25 flyers. Post on phone poles or place the flyer on your neighbor’s doors. Post your pet’s photo on social media so other people in town can keep an eye out for your pet.

Just in case: keep your pet information sheet and recent photographs available for the emergency we hope never happens. 

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