Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The concept of the roller coaster was developed in Russia during 17th century.During the reign of Peter the Great there were innovations in military, social and entertainment for the Russian People. 

In the beginning ice runs were reinforced with wood supports. By the mid-1800s railroad companies were interested in laying track for entertainment rides. 

By the 1880s the roller coaster became immensely popular. As the economy allowed regular people time and extra money, the amusement parks became a new vacation destination. 

Today, entertainment parks compete with each other for the longest, biggest, most loops for thrills, chills and the story of the date of a lifetime. 

What's your favourite roller coaster? 


Tony Laplume said...

I'm not a huge fan of them personally. Other people find them thrilling. I find them kind of terrifying. You may not point and laugh.

Joanne said...

As a kid I liked the one at Dorney Park in Allentown PA. It's long gone I think. The shock wave here in TX was pretty good. But my stomach isn't keen and as I get older, I just can't handle 'em. Very sad.