Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review: The Adventures of Elf Abba Vol 5: One Bad Day

The Adventures of Elf Abba: Volume 5
One Bad Day
By Evelyn & Bill Wilbur
Pages: 34

Elf Abba continues to delight parents and children alike with her adventures. One Bad Day isn’t just a bad day for Abba. The bad day could ruin Christmas.

In this installment of the adventure series, Abba assumes, as do we that the famous Twelve Days of Christmas is not only popular but accurate in its depiction. But when the partridge comes up missing, Abba finds that it’s not only the featured player in the Christmas standard that’s missing.

Abba’s world is full of magical creatures from around the globe. Jubal, Percy and Azuwish accompany Abba helping her find clues to the missing partridge.
 Jubal the official with the sparkly ranger suit tries to lead the expedition by giving orders. Percy the giant bear helps everyone see things clearly, in more than one way. Azuwish looks like an elf but is actually from Atlantis. Azuwish’s mixed lineage comes in handy when the villain tries to befuddle everyone but becomes frustrated instead.

Everyone knows the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas. Would you be surprised to find that there is more to it that just twelve days? Did you know that if the Partridge in the Pear tree is missing there is no song? One Bad Day turns out alright when Abba and her friends discover the true Christmas song and find more than just the missing Partridge. And they do it all, just in time for Christmas!

One Bad Day is the fifth story in The Adventures of Elf Abba. It is a wonderful addition to traditional Christmas stories. Recommended for children of all ages. 

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Hi Kate - the stories sound delightful! Beautifully illustrated too.
Are you doing the A-Z this year?
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