Sunday, November 17, 2013

Email Gone Mad

Is it me or has email gone mad? Like many people, I've changed my communication style. I don't use email as much as I did for personal communication. So it's amazing to me when I open my email account each morning and there are between 75 & 139 emails.

Granted I do belong to a few groups that send daily digests, and there are a few companies that I don't mind getting updates or sale brochures. That accounts for 10 - 20 emails per day. So what's the rest?

It's not the horrid ads for 'size enhancement', those all go to the junk bin that also overflows. The emails are unsolicited from companies that I may or may not have done business and multiple emails per day. It's too much.

The unsubscribe campaign begins. It's all I can do when a company abuses my email address. So I'll be on fewer lists through the holidays and hope that 2014 brings with it an almost empty inbox.

1 comment:

Joanne said...

it goes in spurts. We must have a good spam blocker for unsolicited emails. I try to not give my email to stores - coupons are nice, but so many just overload it.