Saturday, September 28, 2013

Egret or Heron

Growing up in the desert I missed much of what the rest of the region enjoyed as daily life. As an adult, I've been fortunate in that I've found time to enjoy abundance that is found even in the middle of the city.

The river that runs through the county meanders between neighborhoods, flowing under bridges, roads, and freeways. A trail follows along the south or east side of the river.

Walkers, bicycle riders and skateboarders chat with companions or listen to their players seeming to ignore the nature that reveals itself to them along the water.

Phenomenal varieties of birds and other wild life go about their daily business, ignoring the humans as they pass by. It must be close to mating season when I noticed the large number of herons. Large heron, small heron, heron of different colors were all hunting, eating and dancing in the shallows.

Herons or egrets have a societal hierarchy. While I don't know much about the birds, I learned quite a bit by watching. One particular bird was king bird. He squawked and danced until he had several lady birds around him. He chased off any male birds that came near.

Other egrets in the group ignored the 'king' until he came near & took their prey.  After which the lesser birds hid their hunting and ate faster.

Each day brings joy and an opportunity to observe the world in which we live.


Ceil said...

Hi Kate! Nice to meet you today!

I agree with looking at life as a gift. I also like to see what God is trying to say through all this beauty. Like an egret! (or heron???). Just being in awe of the beauty is wonderful insight.

Thank you for sharing yours today!

Munir said...

It is such an awesome sight. Birds and other creatures of nature bring us closer to the creator. Thanks for sharing.