Monday, July 1, 2013

3 Reasons Police Have Electric Patrollers

More police departments are ordering the latest in vehicle technology each month. Increasing interest in the T3 has lead purchasing officers to ask, why the T3?
As the T3 enters its seventh year, the three wheeled electric vehicle is quickly becoming a mainstay in the police and security vehicle pool. It’s a favorite for officers because the T3 is sturdy, energy efficient and economical.


T3 wins every time when officers compare the Patroller with the 2-wheel competition. Miami police officer Hector Herrera said it best when he told new reporters that the T3 has better balance.

Three wheels offer the structure and balance of a triangular base. The Patroller stands freely, there is no need to prop or lean the T3, the patroller is always ready to go.

Energy Efficient

T3 designers intended the electric vehicle to be not only cutting edge in looks and looks but to have the ability to be in service 24 hours a day. Through the development of the new battery system, the batteries can be pulled for recharge, quickly and easily.


How does 10 cents a day sound for daily energy costs? Reducing gasoline consumption could stretch budgets enough to completely pay for the vehicles within months.  

Additionally, the T3 Patroller stands tall giving officers excellent visibility to survey crowds. Officer Herrera said it best when he described the T3: “It’s a chariot.”

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