Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wanna Play?

Board games date back to ancient times with forms of chess and checker numbering among the oldest games played from the ancient world until today.

Checkers dates to the 12th century. The game evolved from the English game 'Draughts' and the French game 'Alquerque'.

Benefits of board games 
  • Provide a leisure activity for adults, children or mixed age pairing or groups
  • Provide competitive play
  • Require hand-eye coordination 
  • Require strategy 
  • Provide a venue to develop and improve social skills 
  • Improves memory 

Checkers basic rules set opposing the pieces on the same color board squares in two rows. Alternating turns, players move pieces forward on similarly open spaces. A player must jump and take a piece when an open spot exists beyond the opponents piece. Pieces move in one direction. Reaching the far side, a piece is crowned creating a two piece stack. The 'king' may then move forward or backward on the board. Last player with pieces on the board wins. 

Average game time: 10 - 30 minutes 

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Katherine Jenkins said...

Looks fun!!!

Francene Stanley said...

I never played board games with my children. Now, I wish I had after reading about all the benefits.

Joanne said...

sadly I'm a known sore loser. I recognize that in myself and refrain from board games. I do Word with Friends now on the phone. I'm okay with everyone else but my husband. Arrg - he makes me so mad (and yes, he beats me every time)

Kate OMara said...

I'm so glad you agree!