Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Pool

Deep within the pool, there is a secret door. Not any kind of door, it is a magic door. The door from one world to another. The door where children pass from the harsh cruel world to one of joy and laughter.

On the way to the door, one must pass by the guard, a great green creature with sharp teeth and terrible eyes. He sizes each person up for good or for evil, attaching to them, the shackles of sin weighing down by their deeds, they will not make it to the door but fall to the bottom.

But children, free from the burdens of daily life may pass from through the door, unrestrained. The fairy children they're called because they move from one world to the other, freely, effortlessly and back again.

The door swings wide welcoming the fairy children to the colorful world, bright and warm. They swim to the edge of the pool on the other side. Auntie greets them, wrapping them in a warm white towel.

Would you like a pastry? She asks with a grin.

Certainly! the children answer, it begins just the same.

From there each story unfolds as the children recognize... they're home.


Joanne said...

love this story. If only every child could be unrestrained by life cares and woes.

Kate OMara said...

Thanks Joanne. I wasn't sure if I had conveyed what played in my imagination.