Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Better Plan

Within a block of the coffee shop the world changed. Outside the scope of the security company and police surveillance the realness of the world, the sadness of the world, the harsh life revealing the meanness living within humans became a reality.

Buildings looking like bombed out a war zone with refugees resting within the remnant shadows along the causeway. It could be a post-apocalyptic set of the next billion dollar movie.

If the scenes in the four square blocks of hopeless homeless people doesn't touch your heart, you may need to check your humanity. But what can be done with countless families being crushed down into lower status, there is less from the middle to help the lower class? With the country in crisis there are fewer resources to help those in poverty.

For the long term planning, these issues, these areas, these people must be a point of focus. The focus determines the reality for not only the homeless people but for the whole area. A plan to bring compassion to the areas of greatest need would change the world and the balance sheet.

The dilemma remains the amount of resource placed in areas to bring the greatest good to the whole of the system. Long term community planning can rehabilitate the area, the people and provide greater income to the source of the reconstruction.

I noticed within the four block area there were all the resources to sustain an economic system with the exception of the first investment. What I recognized from this was the speed with which recovery could turn the economic downturn into a boom practically overnight. The ability to see the resources within the remnants of the last generation makes the difference between boom or bust. It needs only a spark.

The credit for the vision of course will go the investors willing to look at the long term goal rather than the short term. The spread sheet over the last 12 years is dismal when the consideration of investment in the future or lack thereof becomes apparent in the current statistics. Understanding the long term balance is the difference between the rain and a hurricane, long term prosperity with greater portions all around versus the devastation of an overindulgent blast.

Loyalty from the population helped by the investment will be unanimous with the love and the short profits over the long term yielding more than could be calculated by the short-sighted will be the boon for the few visionaries.

Direct plans available.

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