Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Content Theft

When does research becomes content theft? There is a high threshold to prove that your creative content has been stolen.

True, we are capable of thinking similar thoughts. In fact, people working on the same topic often come up with similar ideas and create similar content. However, there is usually a difference in the story line at some point.

True, using the same source documents or reference material can lead to similar or even the same conclusion.

In the end there are goodies and baddies. The goodies are creative. The baddies are thieves.

How the goodies win. The baddies are exposed and the copied content is taken down. The goodies get credit, money, fame and live happily ever after.

How the baddies win. The goodies are so disappointed that they stop creating.

Stop Content Theft. "Dislike" obviously stolen material. Report the thieves to Google and to You Tube.

Just like in the old westerns, we want the goodies to win.


Creative America - Action Group to stop content theft.

Google Report

You Tube Legal Issues

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