Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Life Style

Always amazing to me is how some people choose to hold themselves back from happiness. The joy in life comes from living at the level you live. This is where happiness is found; when you live at the correct level for your actions.

This is a large topic because there are differences as we grow older, differences if we mature or stay immature. The differences impact the level of happiness we experience on a daily basis.

Innate to our human nature is the desire to be happy. Happiness is the proper state. When we are happy, we know this. People who experience unhappiness for a long period of time become depressed. Depression is a dysfunction. Even doctors realize that depression is something to be corrected. Although there are ways to correct depression and unhappiness that have long range effects rather than short term outcomes.

Happiness is the place where we realize that everything in life is just as it should be. We find ourselves smiling for no reason at all.

The question for people who realize they want to be happy and that at the moment they are not is how do we get happy, to this place of happiness? It is an inward journey but the journey happens when we practice principles and take action in our lives.

Moments on the Path of Solid Happiness:

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