Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Restaurant Tweets

Attracting customers to a new restaurant takes more than just good food. Everything counts: food, service, location, parking, atmosphere and marketing. Marketing is more important than ever. If people don’t know about a restaurant, how can they get there?

The savvy restauranteur or manager knows that marketing is increasingly more important. The more people talk (or tweet) about the restaurant, the more will walk through the door. Word of mouth is very important to keep patrons coming back but how does a restaurant start to get the word out?

New restaurants have an added challenge of getting all their information to their perspective clientele. If the restaurant is new, how do the restaurant owner and manager get reviewed, develop excitement and create the thriving business? The answer is branding.

Branding experts work to increase the number of “views” on websites and advertisements. Increasing the number of times a restaurant is mentioned directly effects the number of customers. Including good reviews in a marketing campaign or on websites for restaurants is more important than ever. People do take the time to scroll through reviews to find out about the food and the service.

Three simple steps will increase business.

Step One: Get people to notice the restaurant
Step Two: Create excitement for the dining experience
Step Three: Provide such an excellent experience that customers consider it an event!

Consider all online branding to be the 21st century equivalent to signs and balloons of the last century.

Thank customers by giving them something extra. Thank your branding expert for increasing your exposure. And thank yourself for understanding it takes a team to create an excellent dining experience.

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