Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Book Review: Sunstruck

Title: Sunstruck
Author: Mayra Calvani
Cover Art: Debi DeSantis
2011: Zumaya Embraces: imprint of Zumaya Publications
236 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934841-18-1
Print: $14.99
Kindle: $6.99
Nook: $6.99

Sunstruck opens in sweltering San Juan, Puerto Rico giving the reader an instant taste of the exotic island. Mayra Calvani describes the sights, sounds and smells of this tropical city as only a native Puerto Rican can.

Daniella is a student with a taste for artistic and amazingly handsome men. Unfortunately, the men are as broke as they are handsome and as dysfunctional as they are artistic. Still she can’t seem to help herself. She emotionally bounces back and forth between her ex-husband and her new boyfriend.

She just doesn’t see what Ismael sees in his new old wife, Irene. Lady Dracula, as Daniella dubs her, is just creepy. And Ismael has lost his zest for life and the coloring from his face. Daniella worries about him, his new marriage and his new enterprise.

Tony’s success is all wrapped up with the art gallery crowd of which Lady Dracula is a main player, of course. Daniella loves Tony. Tony says he loves Daniella but he hates her cat. It’s a bad sign.

Daniella knows she should concentrate on her studies but she just can’t help wanting to go to the party that may bring Tony some recognition. She dresses in the cutest little dress, but Tony hardly notices her, he’s too involved with his paintings and with himself.

Once at the party things really start to heat up. Ismael is jealous of Tony, on the inside, but helpful to his career on the outside. It’s the usual love to hate the ex’s new mate unhealthily enmeshed story. Yet, Daniella and Ismael can’t see themselves back together either.

The party gets really weird when Lady Dracula enters the room. She has an obsession for antique torture devises. She is also fabulously wealthy, so nearly anything goes.

The psychological intrigue keeps this novel's pages turning. It’s a quick 200+ page book or e-book that evokes tingles, chills, and nervous laughs, all in the middle of a delightful story of a truly likable naïve young woman.

Without a spoiling the ending, I will say it is satisfying.

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