Monday, May 16, 2011

A Good Omen: Ladybug

When a good omen visits, it’s nice to tell nature or the world thank you for sending the message of balance this day.

Ladybugs are good omens. Since the Middle Ages, ladybugs have been connected with saving crops from being overrun by other insects.

Depending on your local history, Ladybugs may be responsible for predicting how much money you’ll have, how many children you’ll have, a cure for tooth aches or improvement of your overall health. But no matter where you live, it’s considered bad luck to kill a ladybug.

Some of the amazing fact about ladybugs includes: Ladybugs are beetles. There are at least 400 different kinds of ladybugs in North America and nearly 5,000 different varieties around the world.

Without the ladybug we’d be overrun with aphids. Aphids are a favorite food of the ladybug. Contrary-wise, Ladybugs are not a favorite food to any predator. They release a chemical so they don’t taste very good.

Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home
Your house is on fire,
Your children are gone.

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Bella said...

Kate, being a hard-core fan of lady bugs, I thoroughly enjoyed your post on these pretty ladies. My nana always told me that bad luck was sure to befall anyone who killed a lady bug. That said, when my sister was five and I was six, we took a jar and set out to "collect" what seemed like hundreds of lady bugs. Walking home, we were overjoyed with the amount we had been able to capture. Our plan was to keep them for a day and release them before we went to bed. Imagine our grief and dismay when after dinner, we went to do exactly that and realized all the lady bugs were dead. It was then my nana noticed we had forgotten to poke holes in the lid of the jar. That night, not only were we reprimanded for our carelessness, but informed of the bad luck that would follow us to the end of time. Suffice to say we never again captured another lady bug. To this day, whenever I see a lady bug, I'm plagued by guilt and as a result, find myself apologizing out loud to all those lady bugs from long ago.