Monday, September 13, 2010

E-85: A Better Choice

Sustainable eco-friendlier combustible fuel is produced from corn, a rotatable sustainable crop, it's called E-85.

Current dormant acreage can be rotated to a corn crop rather than subsidized through USDA payments to farmer ‘not-to-plant’. This rotation provides soil nutrients as it is worked and turned, prevents top soil erosion and makes a fuel that burns cleaner than fossil fuels. Could this be an easier choice?

Let’s Explore E-85

E-85 is now available at less than 3,000 gas stations across the US. It is a primary fuel in several European countries including Sweden, Ireland and Italy. If US consumption rises not only would the fuel be available at more stations, the price should go down as the production quantity goes up, making E-85 even more attractive to the consumer.

Current E-85 prices on cost per tank are on par with fossil fuel costs, but E-85 creates less carbon emission, less overall air pollution per mile of driving.

E-85 is an alcohol fuel made from non-edible corn plant or whey, the waste, by product in cheese production.

Reports online show the fuel miles per gallon is reduced when compared with fossil fuel. But the important part for consumers is the price per gallon which is less. With zero added cost to the consumer adding in the improved air quality, the decision is a no-brainer, E-85 wins!

Not only is E-85 better for the consumer and the environment but a boost for the economy as well as rising production levels will increase alternative fuel production jobs right here in the US.

Fuel Economy

In trials gas consumption seems to be related to driving habits. If you are a responsible driver, you’ll find nearing similar mpg (miles per gallon) with E-85. If you are heavy on the gas or ‘Ricky Racers’ with excessive speed or stomping on gas to brake and back again, then your over all fuel economy will be reduced. Some of the anti-E-85 articles on the web are skewed to show the fuel economy ratings toward an erratic driver rather than easy-going driver. In other words, the worst-case scenerio is stated as the probable fuel milage.

One Day’s Price

Gas $3.25/gallon
E-85 $2.75/gallon

Emission Toxins

E-85 reduced emission toxins including Benzene, a known carcinogen. E-85 increases acetaldehyde which is found in exhaust and cigarette smoke. Studies are in progress to find the ratios and related risks to the acetaldehyde emissions.

Is E-85 the end to air pollution?

Easily, the answer is NO.

Is E-85 an alternative to fossil fuel?


Can E-85 be less costly than fossil fuel?


Clearly, E-85 is a step in the right direction for cleaner air at a better price for everyone.

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Suzi McGowen said...

It sounds good to me. There's an expression. "Pain is the only doctor we listen to". I think that will be the deciding factor for any alternative to fossil fuels.