Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kidnap! For Fun

Kidnapping friends can be an educational and ongoing delight, if you’re open to new experiences in exotic locations. When I signed up for Facebook I had no idea of the fun I could have kidnapping friends and family to exotic locations with the Kidnap! application.

The trivia game provides light and memorable information about a variety of places from Boston to Auckland and man places between. Selecting silly ways to kidnap a friend, the kidnapper selects the target and sends a message:

You’ve just been kidnapped to:

Escaping involves selecting one out of the three answers provided to a trivia question, points are awarded to move through the game to higher levels. First guess correct awards 100 points, 2nd guess correct awards 50 points, get it wrong and you still escape but your kidnapper gets the points.

Kidnap is an ongoing game to challenge players in reading comprehension and trivia memory retention. I like it because it’s another way to interact with my illusive teenagers are otherwise engaged in internet communications.


Sheila Ruth Siler said...

Interesting, never heard of it!

Kate said...

Oh it's great fun. Type: Kidnap! in the search box to bringup the application with the picture of the world on it & start kidnapping your friends ;)