Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Path

Experience alone will bring the seeker to the path on which the seeker is to travel. There is a way for the seeker to find their path but first they must recognize that they are not on the path.

What does life look like when you are not on the path?

Life has the experiences of life. The stresses of life become painful to the spirit when the person is not on the path. Health will not be as good as it can be in that moment. Relationships will not be as good as they can be in that moment. The person has secrets that they cannot share with their own mind. The secret is a block. The block in the mind is a block to the path that will bring the person into the state of being a seeker. The recognition that… it can be as simple as, there is just something missing, or not quite right, that is the first step on to the path.

What does life look like when you are on the path?

Often what a person may experience on the path is just the same as when they are not on the path but it is the inner journey that is different. The inner journey allows for each moment that is experienced to be within itself. It is the now of the moment that the seeker can experience the moment. Gaining the experience of the moment that experience becomes information of the being which makes the journey clear.

The difference is the inner journey. It is that, which makes the seeker more. The seeker experiences each moment and in doing so, the seeker has more, is more and is better able to find the advantages to the path, where they are on the path and experiencing each experience to greater depth. There the seeker finds what is sought, the power that is within the seeker.

The thought that brings a person to be a seeker to the path to learn to experience the deeper nature of power that is within the individual is a powerful thought.

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