Sunday, November 8, 2009

Make Money Move

Talking heads suggesting that minimum wage is a living disgust the rational human being. The equation is simple even the slow media personality should be able to follow the equation to the number indicated allowing for variables of location across the country.

First the questions:
Educated /trained professionals and trades-people should be able to attain what level of societal success, in general. The general answers will set the societal expectation and standard.

Ability of Home-ownership?
Option for Children?
Option for Extended Vacations?

Requirement of Health care, Housing, Sustenance this is the base:
Lower levels are where people begin, they can work out of lower levels by showing loyalty to a company or developing area of expertise.

Single Person/ Entry/Bottom = housing, utilities, sustenance, health care, car, insurance, clothing, vacation (time & money). (18 – 21 years old)

For a moral society, partnership should be encouraged by making coupling affordable. One partner should have the option to care for the household duties of both without adversely impacting financial & social status at five years of work or entry level expertise. Options offered for home-ownership or children or vacations or new cars. (21 – 25 years old)

For a healthful society, families should be encouraged by making children affordable. One partner should be encouraged and have the option to care for the household duties and the children without adversely impacting financial & social status somewhere between five & ten years experience or five years of expertise. Options offered home-ownership & vacations & new cars or home-ownership & children & new cars or vacations & children & new cars. (24 – 34 years old)

Minimum for productive members, all options should be attainable at fifteen years of experience or ten years of expertise. (33 – 43 years old) These would be the years of societal equilibrium.

Of course, options for more training or more education get the minimum faster and there is always the bigger and better options for work-a-holics or rich-kids.

Productive member pay-day is that all options are attainable by 45 years of age for the average person/family: House, Kids, Cars, Vacations = Happy Population = Lots or Money Moving!

So the challenge becomes the big-guy’s dilemma, how to encourage economic moves that pay the working person what is right, what he/she has earned.

Entry level, kid’s wages, minimum wage isn’t even sustenance in any economic arena in the US. If you think it is, you are wrong and you have never lived on minimum wage.

GOOD NEWS: The benefits to a thriving economy that offers people these options as basic life milestones is that moving money makes money move.

Let's see:
Houses (buying & selling = employment = money moving)
Home Repairs (employment + supplies = money moving)
Cars (buying & selling = employment = money moving)
Car Repair (employment + supplies = money moving)
Insurance (employment = money moving)
Food (employment + supplies = money moving)
Clothes (employment = supplies = money moving)
Vacations (employment + supplies = money moving)
Kids (employment + supplies = money moving)

The possibilities are endless, but you have to make sure that the lowest guy has the basics covered easily and everyone else does better.

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