Thursday, February 5, 2009

February.. only 28 days (usually)

February.. the shortest month of the year, includes some very important dates with in those (usually) 28 days.

February 2nd announces six more weeks of winter, no matter if shadows are out or not, nor if ground hogs see them. (See March for Spring)

February 14th is a day to buy flower, candy, cards & gifts with hearts or angels for your dear friends.

3rd Monday President's Day, combines Lincoln & Washington's Birthday into a confusing celebration that could make both George & Abe sad because we miss their actually birthdays.

Black History Month... can we start with all the racist implications of having the shortest month of the year dedicated to the most historically oppressed people of modern history?

Other good things about February are daffodils, amethyst and violets, all representing the month.

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Catherine said...

February definitely announces spring for Houston. Actually mid-January does. Thanks for all the links!