Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Customer Dis-Service Continues

Okay, Okay, it's a pet-peeve, I admit it.

I received my replacement credit card in the mail today.

The plastic card had a sticker on it that read: Please call to activate after 9/22/08 & the 800 number.

When I called the 800 number to activate the card, the recording referred me to another 800 number because the computer had "no record of that number".

Dragon answered the phone.

Somewhere in the Northeast probably New York by the sound of Dragon's accent, there lives a mother who actually named her child, "Dragon".

Dragon had a difficult time understanding my problem, after thre times explaining the situation, he "got it" and put me on hold.

I have to give credit to him, despite apparent lack of training, he came back on the line several times to check to know if I still waited on hold. Finally, the answer came, I just needed to wait until next month to activate the card, the sticker was printed incorrectly.

Not Dragon's fault but I think the corporation could get their act together a bit better in their mailings and train their customer service a bit better and maybe, maybe, even pay a living to excellent customer service people who do their job well... just a thought.

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