Thursday, October 23, 2008

So, What Do Ya Do??

So, What Do Ya Do when the economy comes to a near halt? Do you reflect on how we got here? Or do you just hope, wish things will get better?

Funny thing happens when things don't go the way they should. Most people do more of the same and hope for different results. In the psychiatric world, doing the same thing, expecting different results can be classified as insane. Does this mean the economic world is crazy? Maybe...

Look at the facts:

There's been how many years of reaping without much planting. There's been an increase in profits per item but a decrease in the buying power of the average guy. There's been a flood of millionaires but not equal to the hurricane of working class slipping into poverty.

Let's look at the economist way of looking at things:

Profit base theory in retail works well when the rest of the economy has a broad base of manufacturing, government, wholesale, not focused on mega-profits but conservative growth. Profit driven theories leave out critical components if they dominate the landscape.

It's the classic not seeing the forest for the trees syndrome.

So, What Do Ya Do??

The few items you may have a choice of where to purchse or actually select from different manufacturers rather than just different brand names made in the same factory on a different day with a different brand name plate, have become the only way to voice your opinion. As they say, Money Talks.

Pick your stores carefully, are they economically friendly to the citizens of the USA? Pick your products carefully, are they economically friendly and environmentally concerned for the citizens of the USA?

Many people are concerned about the upcoming elections... I say cast a vote that will be heard. Really think about where you spend your money. Spend it wisely. Spend it in a way that keeps your family, friends and neighbors employed and sends the message: "We're sick of it and won't take it anymore!" (quoting from an old movie)

So, What Do Ya Do??

Got the Answers? Yea, Me Too... But being a nobody, all I can do is ask, "So, What Do Ya Do?"

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