Saturday, September 20, 2008

Joy of the County Faire

Moving to a place where the county faire is a big deal can be as fun as quaint.

Fair Rides for the little ones whirl and twist, screams of joy, of fear, of nearly tossin' their cookies echo through the air.

Smells of cattle, cows, sheep, goats, rabbits surpise the senses of city and country folks alike.

The Bull Ring brings it's own version of entertainment. Will he or won't he get tossed this time? Who wins man or beast?

Talent Show kids throughout the county present themselves to the judges, guests and fair goers alike. WOW! That girl can sing!

But the best part of the fair, the part that few noticed or will remember came in the form of a little old lady, sitting in the corner. Each and every day she was just sitting there, smiling her little old lady smile as the men and women and children passed by... she served on the committee for the fair since the 1930s when she was "old enough to help". Some 70 years later, she's still helpin'. The things she's seen and the people that have come and gone, she mentioned and sighed. Things have changed. Things have stayed the same. The best part about her was she was as enthusiastic about every entry as if it were the only entry, the best entry and she encouraged every person that took time to talk with her to share their talents at the faire, to show the county what it has within it, and remember, she added, "do more for next year".

Women's Crafts are fewer each year. Who has time to knit? Crotchet? Who, in the next generation, will even know how? Who has time to bake for the faire? Who bakes for their family? Who can paint a portrait? Who can pose Photographs? Digital or Film? Who can make a Quilt? Who Gardens? Who carves? Who creates? Who has time? Who knows?

Examining the exhibits, the precious exhibits makes the county faire a one time event. Never again will this particular collection of items, crafts, art be exhibited again. It is a unique experience to be appreciated for the unique event that it is...

What will you show next year?

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