Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good Morning Blue Jays

This sporty fellow in the blue suit stops by the bird feeder each morning. A voracious appetite sends him on his morning rounds through the neighborhood cafeteria, Cyanocitta cristata better known as Blue Jays are omnivorous.

A most aggressive bird, the Blue Jay drops and swoops onto the ground chasing a Titmouse of her low hanging perch in the process munching a beetle bug, then bounds back up to the seed feeder for a taste, then one hop to the peanut butter grain mix and off over the fence into the wild of the Commons Hollow Property. These birds range across most of the United States and are unique in their coloring and behavior.

Larger than most back yard birds, Blue Jays average 9 -12 inches high with a 13- 17 inch wing span. They are easily identified by their blue and white feathers with black about the neck and a stripe at the eye. Males and females are virtually identical.

Blue Jay families are highly vocal, calling to each other relaying locations of delicious snacks, water and each other. They also warn when hawks or other predators come within range.

Bird Watching books and magazines encourage responsible environmental stewardship, as well as just having a great time with friends and family learning about the place we live.

For more information about Blue Jays, visit these and other web sites:


Truly a delightful time, watching Blue Jays will captivate the attention of young and old alike.

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